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Does my Child need a physical
The short answer is no, a physical is not required to participate. However, given the strenuous nature of the sport we recommend that you do have conversations with your child's physician to ensure there are no underlying heart conditions that would limit your child's participation. 

When does the season start and end?

Typically the season will start the last Monday in July and extend until Oct 31. There may be a game Labor Day weekend so please wait to make plans until after the schedule is released, which typically occurs the 1st or 2nd week of August. 

Can my son be guaranteed to play on the same team as another player?

Unfortunately, as much as we understand the many reasons for this request, we cannot guarantee that any player be on the same team as another unless those 2 players live in the same household.  Our league requires that our teams are created using a draft process once registration closes.

Can my son play in a lower division due to weight?

Players are assigned to divisions by birth date, not by weight.  We understand that some players may be on the lower end of the weight spectrum for a division and that parents may wish to sit their player for a season for safety reasons.  Players may move up a division, but players cannot play in a younger division regardless of weight.  We continue to review these standards with the Great Lakes Youth Football League in an effort to create a safe and fun environment for all players.

Are there voluntary requirements throughout the season for parents and players?

In previous seasons we have worked with coaches and teams to participate in fundraiser activities, concession stand support, and stadium clean-up.  This season we have elected to forgo fundraising activities and concession stand support.  However, we will still ask that each team plan to clean the Chardon Memorial Stadium 1 - 2 Saturdays following varsity home games.  We undertake this activity in return for access to the field for our regular and post season games.  The last team for each home game on Sunday will be responsible for field clean-up as with previous seasons. We also encourage anyone interested in coaching (both head coach and assistant) to attend the general membership meetings held once a month. This is your opportunity to have input in how the league is run and managed and we welcome any and all involvement.

Do we have to buy our own, or specialized, equipment?

CYF will supply helmets, shoulder pads and game jerseys. Pants (must be black) cleats and any other equipment will need to be purchased by each family.  Players may wish to purchase personal items such as custom mouth guards (cannot be clear or red in color), chin straps, and hand warmer mufflers for the colder games.

What do I need to do to participate as a coach?

We welcome all of those who wish to volunteer as a coach.  Each team will be assigned a head coach by the CYF board, the head coach for each team will identify the assistant coaches for the team based on those players who have a volunteer head coach associated with their registration.  Each team may have 6 coaches (head coach plus 5 assistant coaches) for game day and unlimited practice coaches.  All coaches must complete the USA Football Heads Up Tackle certification, pass a background check, be CPR certified, and complete the State of Ohio Concussion Awareness training.  The information for these requirements can be found on the CYF website at

Can I help with practices?

Practice assistants are welcomed and allowed at the discretion of the team's head coach.  Practice assistants must complete all of the required training and certification that head and assistant coaches complete.  Head coaches are ultimately responsible for the schedule of all practices and any practice assistant coach participation.

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